Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teens caught renting 616-hp McLaren 12C with stolen credit card


It used to be the case that if you walked up to a rental-car counter and were under the age of 25, the transaction would typically not end with you getting a set of keys. Most rental-car agencies allow younger renters today, but they keep their crash-prone hands off the high-end models.
All of which only adds to the mystery of the arrest this weekend of two California teen-agers, who were pulled over after renting not just a $12 million vacation home, but a $240,000 McLaren 12C — all with stolen credit cards, and apparently limitless chutzpah.
The sheriff's office in Sonoma County, Calif., pulled over the 616-hp orange McLaren shown above on Thursday evening, taking two 19-year-old men into custody, Mohannad Halaweh and Nhimia Kahsay. The McLaren had been reported stolen, because the pair had used a purloined credit card to make a $13,000 rental payment for it, along with a $27,000 rental for a vacation home in Glen Ellen, Calif, where police broke up a large party the night before.
According to the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, the pair were pulled over on the way back from a court hearing for Halaweh — on another set of charges alleging he tried to buy $10,000 in Apple products with someone else's credit card. He now faces charges of credit card fraud, receiving stolen property, identity theft and vehicle theft.
As for the rental company? Club Sportiva, the exotic car club and rental shop in San Jose, Calif., that owned the McLaren 12C, said today that it has a strict policy generally barring rentals to drivers under the age of 25 — and that the perpetrators in this case presented a fake ID to go along with the stolen credit card when the McLaren went out. While they have fine taste in sports cars, this may be the last one they sample for years to come. 
Being the parent of a teenager I have to say this was really stupid-financially at least-but if you're going to go down jacking a car at least go down big!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The History of the Buick Automobile thumbnail
The History of the Buick Automobile
The Buick automobile is owned by the Michigan-based General Motors. It's considered an entry-level luxury car positioned above the Chevrolet, Pontiac and Oldsmobile and below the Cadillac. The Oldsmobile was discontinued in 2004, leaving the Buick as the only mid-level option. The Buick was immensely popular through much of its life and peaked in sales in 1984 when falling oil prices sparked a resurgence in mid-size car sales.

he Buick Motor Company was founded in 1903 by David Buick in Detroit, Mich. It was sold to James Whiting the same year. Whiting hired entrepreneur William Durant to manage the business.
Durant capitalized on Buick's early success by acquiring other automobile companies to form General Motors in 1908. He also developed the corporate policy that no brand compete against another but be targeted to specific customers. The Chevrolet was marketed to the working class; the Oldsmobile and Pontiac to upper middle-class; the Buick to young professionals like doctors, lawyers and mid-level executives and the Cadillac for the wealthy.

The 1936 to 1958 Roadmaster is perhaps Buick's most iconic symbol during the automaker's history. It was Buick's largest and longest car with the 1949 Roadmaster sitting on a 126-inch wheelbase. It came as a sedan, two-door coupe, convertible and five-door station wagon. It featured a huge waterfall grille, "portholes" on the fenders and the trident Buick logo. It was a massive machine powered by a Buick straight-eight or the 322-cubic-inch or 364-ci V-8s.

Like all Detroit automakers, Buick suffered greatly following the 1973 oil crisis as fuel prices skyrocketed. The 1971 to 1976 Electras, for example, measured 233 inches long and featured a 350-ci or 455-ci V-8. But, in 1977, it was downsized by 12 inches and engine options now included the 252-ci V-6 and 307-ci V-8.

Although there had been speculation the Buick may go the way of Oldsmobile, there are no current plans to drop the line. Pontiac was scheduled to be dropped in 2010. For 2010, Buick introduced a new line of LaCrosse and Lucerne cars that are handsome and have tied Jaguar as the most dependable automobile in the United States in a J.D. Power and Associates study.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wheel Simulators Revisited

     Typically, the wheels that a vehicle is equipped with when it comes straight from the factory generally lack the charm and beauty. However, the installation of snap-on  wheel simulators is the ideal solution to enhance the appearance not only of the wheels but the vehicle itself as well. Unlike the costlier and attractive aftermarket wheels, while a wheel skin can look equally appealing however it is simply a snap-on accessory and therefore is not as expensive. Thus, it should not take more than five minutes if these snap on simulators ever need to be taken off the wheels.

     Spending on buying a wheel simulator will definitely be a wise decision by car owners who want to upgrade the look of their automobile so that their car looks simply stunning with eye catching wheels. These simulators are made of steel shaped much like the wheels and an almost similar size, or maybe a bit smaller, which allows them to be fitted into the hubs of the wheels. The addition of a wheel simulator over all four wheels of a vehicle will not only improve how the car and wheels appear, but they will even prove wheel support too. The use of these simulators will sort of allow owners to upgrade the look of their vehicle somewhat without actually spending too much. They will be able to find various designs of wheel simulators in different sizes. People who have car models of brands such as Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, can conveniently make use of these simulators for the wheels of the automobile.

     Car owners can head over to any car accessory store if they want to purchase simulators for the wheels of their vehicle. It does not really matter whether they choose to purchase them from an actual store or an online shop, as long as they make sure that they are selecting good-quality simulators. Going to a physical store might be a good option for the owners who actually want to inspect the simulators before buying them. Not only will they be able to get a good look at the simulators they are purchasing, but they can even make further inquiries about the simulators too by speaking to the salesmen face to face.

     The price and quality are the two major factors that need to be essentially considered when car owners are in search of the right wheel simulators. Reading reviews about any particular simulators before buying is definitely a wise decision, however, even when buying they should keep several considerations in mind.

     To get the best simulators at the best price, car owners should focus on shopping around and visiting at least three stores till they actually decide which simulators they will be purchasing. The material these simulators are made of should be essentially checked before buying one. It is important that the chosen simulators are constructed of high-quality steel to ensure that they will last longer. Not only should the simulators have a shiny appearance, but they should also ensure that they are non-corrosive so that all sorts of driving conditions can be endured by them. Since the price of these simulators can be affected by the material they are made of, therefore, they should select them depending on their budget. If they truly want to buy quality simulators for the car wheels, then they might have to pay more.

     The size of the simulators is another factor that matters when choosing one. It is important that the chosen simulators have a similar size as that of the wheels; in fact, their size should be slightly smaller to be able to fit into the hubs and ensure that the driving experience is secure. Car owners, however, should have no problem in finding just the accurate simulators for their car's wheels since they are available for a variety of wheel sizes from different manufacturers and sellers.
Keeping in mind how simple it will be to install the simulators and whether or not they are covered under a warranty will also allow car owners to make an informed decision. With enough searching and keeping all these considerations in mind, they will eventually come across the perfect wheel simulators for their vehicle. High quality stainless steel wheel simulators are always available at Hubcapzone.com- always free shipping as usual.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


If you haven’t noticed, the classic car market is hot right now. The formerly quiet entry level of the market is fully awake, and cars that formerly sailed under the radar are now commanding attention. Here are seven of our favorite new Ford Focus-priced classics that won’t be affordable for long:
1. 1987 Buick Regal Grand National: Darth Vader’s official car (most were black), the turbo V-6 Regal was one of the few non-V-8 cars that the primarily baby-boomer muscle-car crowd took an immediate shine to. They’ve never been cheap, but that’s how current prices will seem in a few years when the Gen-Xers who wanted them new start pumping money into the collector car world.
2. 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am: Black-and-gold Malaise Era Trans Ams, particularly those from the “Smokey and the Bandit” years, are among the hottest things in American collector cars right now. Barrett-Jackson had about 15 of them on sale this past January in Scottsdale, Ariz., and all brought good money. In five years, $25,000 for a nice one may seem like a gift.
3. 1978-83 Porsche 911SC: The window on affordable classic (read air-cooled) 911s is closing fast. The early pre-safety bumper cars (1964-73) are now in the $50,000 to $350,000 range, and the dirty little secret is that while they may have more vintage charm, they’re not nearly as good as the later 1978-83 cars. With excellent rust-proofing and 300,000-mile engines, these are the last bastion of affordable classic 911s. Cars that were $15,000 two years ago are now pushing $25,000. Act now.
4. 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SL: The R107 series SL (in the U.S. the 350/450/380/560SL) were the darlings of well-to-do dentists and their former hygienist/second wives from the early 1970s until the late 1980s. Attrition has thinned the herd and few outstanding low-mileage examples remain — those that do now command good money, particularly the more powerful last of the line 560SL. One sold at the Gooding and Company auction in Scottsdale, this past January for about $45,000. Lesser examples were everywhere at the Scottsdale sales. Care for something a bit edgier? The 1988 BMW M6 is equally hot.
5. 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 427/390 coupe: The fact that you can still (if you shop hard enough) find a decent original engine, big-block, chrome bumper C3 Corvette for $25,000 is simply amazing. With the spotlight on collectible Corvettes at Barrett-Jackson this past Scottsdale, we sense that this is another rapidly closing window. Your only hope is probably a 1968, which was the first model year for the C3 and had a reputation back in the day of being a bit troublesome. Those issues however, were relatively minor and have long since been sorted out. Do it now or settle for a small block later.
6. 1988-91 BMW M3: The E30 M3 as it’s known to Bimmerphiles is smoking hot right now and is only likely to get hotter as more younger collectors enter the market. The first of the officially badged M-cars (along with the four-door M5) to hit the U.S. is just hitting its stride as a collectible. A beautiful 40,000-mile example sold for over $40,000 at the Russo and Steele sale in Monterey, Calif., last August. In just seven months, the perception of that sale has gone from “pricey” to “a steal,” a sure sign that this car has hit the collectors’ radar. Good ones for $25,000 or less are going to dry up any second now.
7. 1991-92 Acura NSX: Early NSXs have never been cheap per se — we struggle to recall too many ever selling for much under $20,000. These are supercars that you can live with. Honda quality and execution are everywhere (including the interior which detractors compare to a nice Accord). Only the car’s voracious appetite for rear tires detracts from the ownership experience. Rare Alex Zenardi special edition NSXs are destined to break the $100,000 mark in the near future, and they’ll likely pull up the earlier cars. The last decent $25,000 NSXs will likely be sold sometime in the third quarter of 2014.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cars that are haunted?

Here are three true stories of Cursed Cars and Haunted Automobiles. "You Will Be Dead Next Week!" James Byron Dean (1931-1955) was an American film actor who became a real cultural icon with such films as “Rebel Without a Cause”, “East of Eden” or “Giant”. His early death in a dramatic car accident helped to ensure his legend and was the beginning of another famous urban legend.

After Dean got the part in “East of Eden”, in the spring of 1955, the movie star went racing with his Porsche 356 Speedster and came in second in the Palm Springs Road Races, third in Bakersfield and fourth in the Santa Monica Road Races. While he was on the set of “Rebel Without a Cause”, he traded his Speedster for a Porsche 550 Spyder - one of the only 90 which were made. Filming “Giant”, he was contractually barred from racing, but after completing the movie, Dean was free to compete again.

Dean’s Spyder was customized Georges Barris, by the man who would go on to design the Batmobile. The car was called “Little b******” by his stunt driving coach Bill Hickman in “Giant” and this nickname was painted on it by pin striper Dean Jeffries.

On September 23, Dean asked the actor Alec Guinness to take a look at the Spyder and Guinness said the car looked “sinister” to him. “If you get in that Porsche, you will be dead next week,” he warned his colleague.

On September 30, the Porsche 550 Spyder was prepared by Dean and his mechanic Rolf Wütherich for a sports car race at Salinas, California. Dean wanted to trailer the Spyder to Salinas behind his station wagon, crewed by his coach Bill Hickman and photographer Sanford Roth, who were planning a “James Dean at the Races” story. But at the last minute, Dean decided he needed more time to familiarize himself with the Porsche, and he drove the Spyder himself. Rolf Wütherich sat beside him.

At 3:30 pm, Dean was ticketed in Kern County for driving 65 in a 55 mph zone. He was driving west on what is now State Route 46 and what was then US Route 466 - near Cholame, California - when a Ford, coming from the opposite direction, attempted to take the fork onto State Route 41. Donald Turnupseed, a 23 year old student, crossed into Dean’s lane without seeing him. The Porsche and the Ford hit almost head on.

Highway Patrol officer Ron Nelson and his partner had a coffee break in Paso Robles. They were called to the scene of the accident and found Turnupseed there with a gashed forehead and a bruised nose. Wütherich had been thrown out of the Porsche and suffered from a broken jaw and other injuries. James Dean was just being placed into an ambulance, breathing heavily. He was taken to the Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival, on September 30, at 5:59 pm.

His last words, just before impact, were: “That guy’s gotta stop!… He’ll see us!”

Wütherich survived several suicide attempts and died in a road accident in Germany, in 1981.

After Dean’s accident, many fans refused to believe their idol was dead. An urban legend emerged, stating Dean was alive, but terribly disfigured. Also, there were soon more than just a few stories circulating concerning the jinxed car, the haunted Porsche, in other words: the Little b******.
The Cursed Car that Started the Great War In 1897, the three brothers Graf formed a partnership with Josef Stift and produced Austria’s first automobile. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie came to Serajevo in a brand-new Graf & Stift phaeton, a large red limousine with a four cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. The sleek automobile would have a rendezvous with history.

The Graf & Stift company had its origins in the bicycle business, but in 1914 they were building luxury automobiles for a prestigious clientele. Among the famous people who bought a Graf & Stift were members of the Austrian Imperial Court.
When he came to the Bosnian city of Sarajevo, on 29 June 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand, risked his life. In the great Austro-Hungarian empire all sorts of people were revolting: anarchists, Serbian nationalists… And he had been warned by the “Turnfalken”, the ravens which presaged disaster for the Hapsburgs.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie visited the city in their brand-new six seat, open touring car. As the Graf & Stift approached the corner of Rudolph Street, shots were fired by Gavrilo Princip, a student anarchist. Both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were killed, but the Graf & Stift survived the attack unscathed. With this event started a conflict.

Some of the horror of that moment seems to have remained alive in the Graf & Stift, because all who owned the car thereafter had their lives cut short or were injured. In the next dozen years, the automobile of Franz Ferdinand was owned by fifteen private parties, was involved in six accidents and took the lives of thirteen people…

The Ghost of the Hitchhiking Girl… and Resurrection Mary The ghost of a hitchhiking girl gets you in a deadly car crash… or just vanishes behind the gates of the cemetery, as Chicago’s most famous phantom: Resurrection Mary!

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It's been an interesting year at Hubcapzone, we've made a lot of new friends through our social media
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last few years of financial hardships and overall recession.
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If records are made to be broken, the folks at Guinness World Records are likely to continue to publish the oddest, most amazing, curious and incredible records on every conceivable event, product, invention, and anomaly -- even geographic irregularities. As car aficionados, you might be a bit surprised at these 5 car records combed from the pages of Guinness World Records.
Smallest roadworthy car
Created by Perry Watkins in Wingrave, United Kingdom on May 8, 2009, the “Wind Up” is touted as the world’s smallest roadworthy car. It measures just 41 inches high, 26 inches wide and 52 inches long. The Guinness World Record website says the car’s body was constructed of or an old Postman Pat coin-in-the-slot children’s ride and the building process took seven months. Surprisingly, the car conforms to all construction and use regulations and includes all the usual features found on a car, including windshield washers and wipers, turn signal indicators, head lights and brake lights. It is registered in tax class PLG a, has insurance and road tax.
Most times hit by a car in two minutes
We’re not making this up. Dietmar Loeffler was hit by a car eight times in two minutes. The amazing (or crazy) feat took place on the set of Guinness World Records – Die Grossten Weltrekorde in Cologne, Germany on November 23, 2007.
Longest distance covered by a car driven on two side wheels
Who would want to do this? Apparently Michele Pilia of Italy did on February 26, 2009 at SantElia Stadium, Cagliari, Italy. He drove a modified BMW316 mod.E30 1766cc (1983). Modifications included an Axle Blockage and an additional gas tank. How far did he drive it on two wheels? The answer may amaze you: 230.57 miles.
Longest journey by a car in a single country
This one’s a bit more recent, occurring February 8 – April 8, 2013. It happened in Russia and involved a nine-member crew that drove Volkswagen Amaroks from Moscow to Petropavlovsk (Russia), a distance of 9,813.3 miles. Team members included Gannadij Paramonov, Alexey Vorobiev, Alexander Nesterov, Andrey Ivanov, Ilya Novikov, Alexey Simakin, Rafael Usmanov and Denis Solomovich (all from Russia), and Rainier Zietlow of Germany.
Longest journey by car using alternative fuel
Here’s something to talk about when it comes to long-distance travel and being green. Driven to Sustain (out of Canada) used biodiesel and vegetable oil to travel 30,158.5 miles by car. The trip began in Columbia South Carolina on November 15, 2009 and finished in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on May 4, 2010. Tyson Jerry drove the entire journey, with Cloe Whittaker also joining during several legs of the trip and providing ground support throughout the entire journey. During Jerry’s travels through North America he collected fuel from many different locations, including fast food restaurants.
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